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How I Missed The Early Days Of Bitcoin

This is an opinion editorial by Enza Coin, a Bitcoin-focused investor and content creator. The other day I was looking through my closet and found a pair of my old FitFlops. Does anyone remember these? FitFlops sold for some $100 and promised to work your legs into shape just by walking. Seeing them made me recall the time I spent traveling across Asia from around 2008 onward. In those years and into the early 2010s, I was busy managing a company based in Hong Kong while accompanying my then boyfriend/fiancé around Asia. He worked on various finance projects with governments in the region, flashing his MBA, two master’s degrees and finance background while I occupied my days, and some nights, with corporate matters and adding to my investment portfolio. In those days, that meant investing in various equities, some Asian… Read More »How I Missed The Early Days Of Bitcoin

Argentina Ready To Support Bitcoin With Gathering And Event In Buenos Aires

Argentina’s Bitcoin community is gearing up for a significant event this Saturday, June 10, as they plan to assemble a giant human Bitcoin symbol (₿) at the Campo Argentino de Polo in the city of Buenos Aires. The gathering, organized by NGO Bitcoin Argentina, marks the organization’s ten-year anniversary and aims to promote the advantages of Bitcoin and the blockchain ecosystem. With the support of numerous companies and organizations in the sector, thousands of participants are expected to send a strong message about monetary and financial freedom. Jimena Vallone, the executive director of Bitcoin Argentina, expressed her excitement about the event, stating, “June 10 will be historic for the crypto community. For the first time, a giant human ‘₿’ will be assembled with thousands of people to show that in the face of a world in crisis, unstable, the crypto… Read More »Argentina Ready To Support Bitcoin With Gathering And Event In Buenos Aires